Vt13 MyttiönmäKI BRIDGE, Savitaipale
  • 130 700 kg
Läntisen Tarvonsilta, BRIDGE, ESPOO
  • REINFORCEMENT 1 000 000 kg
Tärttämäen silta,
  • Reinforcement work
Year 2022 was a year of a great accomplishment: Nord Raudoitus has built over 600 foundations for windmills with its Swedish subsidiary company Nord Armering Ab. In 2022 Nord Raudoitus focused more in building foundations for green energy.


During the same year Nord Works Oy was established which is specialized in railway, welding and electricity work. That meant more work and new office workers joined our team. Our current team you can find in our contact page.
Year 2021 has been time to adjust. Due to growth and pandemic we were forced to make major changes in our function and find new solutions to the challenges the pandemic brought. In the beginning of the year we decided that we won't back down but we will keep up our hard-working attitude and specialize even more in wind power and bridge construction.


Year 2020 was quite a roller coaster for all of us. In the beginning of the year Nord Timpurit was established and during summer the function in Sweden had a good kick-off by establishing our subsidiary company Nord Armering Ab. Summer was really busy and 200 employees were working around Finland and Sweden in our logos.


In 2020 we specialized in bridge construction in Sweden and in Finland we specialized in wind power construction. At the end of the year we took some quiet time to prepare ourselves for the next year and to plan next year's processes to beat the challenges we faced due to the pandemic.


In 2019 Nord Raudoitus grew majorly. First office workers started to work with Nord Raudoitus during the summer 2019. Previously there was 50 employees but during the autumn there was over 100 employees in total. At the end of the year we started to work in Sweden and planned the process how to establish a subsidiary company in Sweden.
Nord Raudoitus started in May 2018. We started with wind power, bridges and industrial construction. At the end of the year 2018 we started our first project in Sweden. The first international project was a wind farm in Brattmyrliden.




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